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We are Proud to Celebrate 75 Years of Making Unique, Hand-Made, Island Inspired, Gourmet Chips Cookies & Candies in Hilo Hawai’i   What Makes Hawai’i Island Gourmet Products Special?   1.) We Use the Finest Gourmet & Island Grown Ingredients 2.) Our Products are Hand Crafted and Hand Packaged with Great Care 3.) Gourmet Chips are Incorporated […]

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Hawaii Island Locally Grown

Locally Grown

  Our Goal is to Continue to Support the Local Economy & Environment through Social Responsibility & Sustainability Efforts   How does Hawai’i Island Gourmet Products Support Sustainability?   1.) Support Local Agriculture We Use Locally Grown Crops such as Taro, Sweet Potato, Macadamia Nuts, Ginger, etc. 2.) Support Local People We Regularly Purchase Crops […]

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Fundraising with Hawaii Island Gourmet Products


  We Support the Local Community by Helping Your Org. Raise Funds Selling Healthy & Sustainable Gourmet Products   * Simple * Unique * Profitable * Fun *   How Does it Work?

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The 2015 Merrie Monarch Festival has officially kicked off. From parades, craft fairs and of course hula, there are activities going on every day of the week. I’ve included links to the official list of activities at the bottom of this page.

Hawaii Island Gourmet and Atebara Chips is celebrating the Merrie Monarch with a special sale. Buy 4 Get 1 Free!

We are also giving out samples of our chips at our Factory Gift Shop from Apil 9th-11th.

Merrie Monarch Chip sale

Buy any 4oz bag of chips and get a bag of equal or lesser value for free. This sale includes all five of our chips.

  • The Original Atebara Potato Chip- The first and original potato chip in Hawaii since 1936.
  • Hawaii Island Taro Chips- The first taro chip in Hawaii. Made with Big Island Grown Taro.
  • Hawaii Island Sweet Potato Chips- Made with Big Island Grown Purple Sweet Potatoes.
  • Furikake Potato Chips- Atebara Potato Chips with a unique Furikake seasoning.
  • Ginger and Garlic Sweet Potato Chips- Our delicious sweet potato chips with a locally flavored Ginger and Garlic taste.

Try all five types, mix and match or get 5 bags of exactly what you like. It’s up to you.

Our Factory gift Shop is located at the corner of Manono and Kekuanaoa (Airport rd). Just down the street from the Merrie Monarch.

Hawaii Island Gourmet map

Have a wonderful Merrie Monarch week. Don’t forget to come by our Gift Shop on April 9th-10th for free samples.

You can find a list of events for the Merrie Monarch below: