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We are Proud to Celebrate 75 Years of Making Unique, Hand-Made, Island Inspired, Gourmet Chips Cookies & Candies in Hilo Hawai’i   What Makes Hawai’i Island Gourmet Products Special?   1.) We Use the Finest Gourmet & Island Grown Ingredients 2.) Our Products are Hand Crafted and Hand Packaged with Great Care 3.) Gourmet Chips are Incorporated […]

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Hawaii Island Locally Grown

Locally Grown

  Our Goal is to Continue to Support the Local Economy & Environment through Social Responsibility & Sustainability Efforts   How does Hawai’i Island Gourmet Products Support Sustainability?   1.) Support Local Agriculture We Use Locally Grown Crops such as Taro, Sweet Potato, Macadamia Nuts, Ginger, etc. 2.) Support Local People We Regularly Purchase Crops […]

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Fundraising with Hawaii Island Gourmet Products


  We Support the Local Community by Helping Your Org. Raise Funds Selling Healthy & Sustainable Gourmet Products   * Simple * Unique * Profitable * Fun *   How Does it Work?

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Aloha Gift Basket

We have blogged about sweet potato chips and their health benefits a number of times. The purple sweet potato that grows here in Hawaii is known to be full of antioxidants and vitamins. Hawaii Island Gourmet is the first chip company in Hawaii and has been making sweet potato chips and taro chips since shortly after the company started in 1936. Now you can give our delicious chips as gifts for the holidays.

Purple Sweet Potato Chips

We have added our taro chips and sweet potato chips to our holiday gift baskets making them perfect for those wanting something distinctly Hawaiian. Two of our most popular baskets, the Aloha Gift Basket and the Gourmet Gift Basket, contain a 4 oz bag of each as well as our Coconut Chocolate Bark and Ultimate Chocolate Cookies: Lilikoi Dipped.

Ginger Bark 800


Our Coconut Chocolate Bark  is handcrafted of gourmet dark chocolate marbled with coconut infused white chocolate and pieces of our famous Hawaii Island Taro Chips and Atebara Potato Chips.

Lilikoi Dipped Cookies

Our  Ultimate Chocolate Cookies: Lilikoi Dipped are handcrafted dutch chocolate shortbread with semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies dipped in lilikoi (passion fruit) infused white chocolate.

Atebara Crunch Milk Chocolate in tray

Our Gourmet Basket also includes our original Atebara Crunch Chocolates. Rich milk chocolate mixed with pieces of our original Atebara Potato Chips and pieces of Hamakua Mac Nuts.

Gourmet Gift Basket

Our Aloha Gift Baskets ($25) and Gourmet Gift Baskets ($35) make the perfect gift to show someone how much you care. You can place an order online here: Holiday Gift Baskets or contact us by email or phone here: Contact Info. Share the taste of aloha!