Hawaii Island Gourmet Fundraising:7 Simple Steps!


STEP 1) Contact Fundraising Coordinator Avis Yoshioka Today

– Call (808)969-9600 to Fill Out a Free Application!

STEP 2) Choose from a Unique Collection of  Handmade Products

– Gourmet Chips, Cookies, Chocolates, Flavored Macadamia Nuts & More

STEP 3) Set Goals: Use Formula Sheets to Estimate Profit & Allocate Tickets


STEP 4) Set Dates for Fundraising Ticket Sales, Ticket Redemption

– Sign Contract Agreement

STEP 5) Customizable Ticket Templates are then E-mailed to You

– Tickets Arrive In 10 Business Days
– Print & Number Your Tickets

STEP 6) Sell Tickets, Keep Track of Sales, Turn in Ticket Amounts & Numbers

STEP 7) Ticket Purchasers May Redeem Their Tickets at Our Gift Shop

– Convenient Location 717 Manono St. in Hilo, Hawai’i 96720
– Redemption During the Allotted  Period Only
– Pay Only for Products that Have Been Redeemed + Hawai’i State Sales Tax