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Atebara Chip Company Historical Timeline

          In 2020 Hawai’i Island Gourmet, historically known as The Atebara Chip Company, is proud to celebrate our 84th Anniversary serving Hawai’i and the world with a unique collection of locally grown, handmade gourmet delicacies.  Established in 1936, The Atebara Chip Company was the first producer of chips in Hawai’i and the original introducers of the Hawaiian Kalo or Taro Chips. This family owned and operated company has come a long way throughout the years and continually promotes sustainability through utilizing local agriculture, and supporting environmental preservation in Hawai’i.

This historic company was founded by Mr. Raymond Atebara in Hilo, Hawaii where the famous Original Atebara Potato Chips gained popularity and recognition amongst people of all ages on Hawai’i Island.  During World War II the rationing of potatoes lead the Atebara Family to rely on locally grown nutrient rich Taro roots as a substitute for chip making resulting with great success. The 1946 Hilo Tsunami damaged the original Atebara Chip Factory. The family soon relocated to a lovely estate at 717 Manono St. where the Atebara’s family traditions are still carried out to this day.

In 1979 Raymond Atebara passed down the family business to his son Walter who introduced new chips including the unique flavors of purple sweet potato chips and shrimp flavored chips. In 2002 the Atebara Chip Company was purchased by the Tamimi family who formed Hawai’i Island Gourmet. The name Hawaii Island Gourmet is derived from the family’s dedication to use Island grown ingredients to support the local economy and environment.  This local family strives to delight their customers by sharing their unique history and creating an experience that brings visitors back in time to the Hawai’i sugar plantation era.

Unique Vision

Over the years many delicacies have been introduced including one of kind varieties of chips, cookies, chocolates, candies, flavored macadamia nuts and gift baskets. This year Hawai’i Island Gourmet is proud to celebrate the long way their company and family has come to strive to provide you with the most natural, locally grown, handmade, gourmet products on Hawai’i Island.

Working for Hawai’i Island Gourmet is gratifying to their team because the company strives to give back to the community in many different ways.  The company supports local agriculture, employs local people and provides numerous donations and fundraising opportunities to local non-profit organizations, schools, community based organizations and charities.  Hawai’i Island Gourmet also provides health conscious options for people with special dietary requirements to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Gourmet Handmade Hawaiian Collection

Hawai’i Island Gourmet offers a unique collection that stands out amongst the rest because their entire line of gourmet products is handmade and hand packaged in their Hilo factory where chips, cookies, candies and more are made fresh daily.  To provide customers with the absolute finest quality and to support local agriculture, Hawai’i Island Gourmet chooses to utilize locally grown ingredients.  Each item produced is catered to reflect traditional tastes and flavor combinations unique to the Hawaiian Islands.

From their delicious chips to their gourmet chocolates and cookies, Hawai’i Island Gourmet strives to use the freshest all natural ingredients in Hawai’i.  Atebara’s ingredients consist of a wide range of health conscious options including antioxidant rich dark chocolates, Hawai’i grown taro, sweet potato and breadfruit. Signature brands include “Local Kine Chips”, “Crazy Nuts”, Chocolate Crunches, Chocolate Barks, Taro Cookies, Chip Cookies and Gourmet Specialty Cookies. A unique aspect about their collection is that fresh taro, potato and sweet potato chips are incorporated into chocolates and cookies to give you the most unique Island tastes around!

Dedication to Promote Sustainability

All of Hawai’i Island Gourmet’s collection is handmade and hand packaged locally in Hilo, Hawai’i using primarily Island grown ingredients.   All taro, sweet potato, macadamia nuts, ginger, Hawaiian chili pepper and many other fruits, vegetables, and seasonings used by Hawai’i Island Gourmet are grown on local farms located up the Hamakua Coast of Hawai’i.

To support local farmers Hawai’i Island Gourmet regularly utilizes crops from over 15 family farms on the Big Island in an attempt to support local families and agriculture.  The company also has their own 20 acre farm where traditional farming techniques are used to grow taro and sweet potato.

Hawai’i Island Gourmet consistently makes efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.  Some methods the company incorporates into their practices are using local ingredients to reduce the need for shipping, thus reducing their carbon footprint and overall negative impact to the environment.   Energy efficiency and saving is important at Hawai’i Island Gourmet where energy saving strategies are implemented daily.

This company also incorporates a zero waste policy.  Team members at Hawaii Island Gourmet make a great effort to produce zero waste from their production efforts by re-using all plant based materials, recycling materials, and donating materials.  Some ways the company re-uses their waste is by providing materials to farmers as animal feed, and utilizing crop rotations such as panting new taro from previously cut stalks.  Also used cooking oil is donated to local organizations that utilize the oil as bio-fuel to run vehicles.  This is a company who truly takes pride in their dedication to promote sustainability.

Show Your Support

Located at 717 Manono St. in Hilo, Hawai’i Island Gourmet runs a retail shop full of local gourmet treats.  Find this unique handmade collection available online for customers with international shipping options available for your convenience.  Celebrate Atebara Chip’s 81st Anniversary with the Hawai’i Island Gourmet family and take advantage of special sales. You will find the perfect Hawaiian gifts for your family and friends!

For more information call (808) 969-9600 or email customerservice@higp.net

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