Atebara Chip Company Historical Timeline



Founded by Raymond Atebara in Hilo where the Original Atebara Potato Chips gained popularity & recognition amongst locals on Hawai’i Island 

Early 1940’s  

The rationing of potatoes during World War II lead the Atebara Family to rely on locally grown Taro as a substitute which sparked a new chip making revolution that simply cannot be matched by any other company. 


Tsunami in Hilo destroys original Atebara Chip Factory.  The Factory was relocated to 717 Manono St. where the company headquarters resides and chips continue to be made to this day


Raymond Atebara retires and passes down the family business to his son Walter Atebara who soon introduced new chips including Sweet potato Chips and Shrimp Flavored Chips. 


The Atebara Potato Chip Company was purchased by two local business partners after Walter Atebara retired in 2001.  Lana’i born Clyde Oshiro and his son in law Hilo local Nimr Tamimi formed Hawai’i Island Gourmet Products.  New products were introduced to the Atebara line including new varieties of chips, cookies, chocolates and candies. 


Hawaii Island Gourmet Products Atebara Chips is proud to celebrate their 75th Anniversary serving Hilo, and the long way their company and family has come to provide you with the most natural locally grown handmade gourmet products on Hawaii Island.